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Proof of Performance Platform

Our cloud based platform integrates all aspects of the OOH, retail production & posting process into one centralized point of data collection and analysis.

Through an easy-to-use web-based interface, POPT delivers comprehensive real-time asset tracking to clients, ensuring seamless execution of campaigns.

The core of the POP Tracker system is our data-rich platform that integrates all aspects of the media production value chain into one centralized point of connectivity.

Transparency, across all vendors, eliminates confusion and significantly improves efficiency by enabling better coordination and automation of many labor-intensive aspects of the media production, posting and auditing processes.

POPT’s software can be customized and designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures.

Mobile Application

Supply Chain Data Collection

POP Tracker’s mobile application insures proof of performance data is delivered in real-time.

POP Tracker provides a free iOS and Android mobile application. This app collects images, location data, and time & date stamp to deliver 3rd party proof of performance.

  • Increases efficiency for vendors by eliminating the need to email proof of performance images and dates after every installation
  • Improves accuracy by providing everyone with visibility into the same data
  • Enhances accountability in the eyes of advertisers and agencies
  • Speeds access to data with user-specific filters that organize displays by location, type or client
  • Allows field data to be reviewed and corrected in real time

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