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OOH Advertising

Executing OOH advertising campaigns is complex and time consuming for advertisers and their media agencies. In addition to requiring the close coordination of multiple vendors at each stage of the process, campaign timelines are vulnerable to the “ripple effects” of a problem in one stage, significantly affecting subsequent stages.

POP Tracker integrates all aspects of the media production chain into one centralized point of connectivity. We eliminate confusion and improve efficiency by enabling better coordination and automation of the media production, posting and auditing processes.

Third party proof of performance increases transparency and trust across the industry. Real-time data validates advertiser spend and attracts greater investment.


Retailers are often engaged in complex multi-store marketing activities. Promotional banners, in-store signage, digital screens and store remodels all require close coordination and brand consistency. Managing the process remotely presents communication and logistical challenges.

POP Tracker’s cloud-based platform centralizes project data in a flexible, easy to use interface. Store managers, regional directors, field reps and senior management have access to the same data, supported by field images, showing progress and status. Alerts and notifications can be triggered upon missed deadlines and problems can be addressed in real-time.

POP Tracker provides setup, customization and support so all you have to do is set up a project and track progress.

Other industries

Bike share programs provide hundreds of locations within a city. Stations are often cleaned and maintained at night to minimize rider disruption. Transit shelters, bus benches and other street furniture all require regular maintenance and on-demand repairs.

POP Tracker offers a simple and inexpensive way to capture before and after photos to verify performance.

An inventory of locations feeds to the POP Tracker mobile app, where employees or contractors execute and track jobs.

Photos are accompanied by a time and date stamp and include lat & long coordinates to verify location.

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