POP Tracker’s software and hardware are integrated into both the warehouse and final point of posting operations of a media vendor.

At the warehouse, the POP Tracker mobile app can track printed media as it enters the location. That information is relayed, in real-time, to POP Tracker’s centralized software where it is immediately made available to all relevant parties involved in a campaign.
At the billboard, the POP Tracker mobile app captures time/date, GPS and POP images at point of install. Instantly alerting clients and vendors when printed media has been posted or removed and certifies that performance deadlines have been met.

Key Benefits
  • Enhances accountability in the eyes of advertisers and agencies
  • Identifies issues early – reducing costly “make-goods”
  • Differentiates media inventory and improves desirability for inclusion in national campaigns
  • Easily integrates with existing technology infrastructure and drives efficiency