Print & Printer & Media Vendor Warehouse Data Collection

Printers & Media Vendors have the ability to collect shipping and receiving information with the POP Tracker mobile application. Our solution allows for barcode/QR code scanning of either internal unique codes or the shipping company's tracking information. The data is uploaded into the POPT portal and can be sent via text or email to any supply chain members.


Proof of Placement Data Collection

Media vendors can use our mobile application to provide real-time proof of posting information on all OOH media. The mobile application automatically collects the time & date of the installation along with the GPS and POP image. This data is uploaded into the POP Tracker portal and can be sent directly to subscribed members via email or text alerts.

  • Real-time POP data
  • Multiple image capability
  • iOS and Android support

Mobile Application FeaturesOur solution is flexible and easy to use


Supported Operating Systems

The application supports both Android and iOS mobile devices.



After downloading the application and entering a unique organization ID, users are approved by an admin to access the system.


Offline Data Capture

Our mobile app allows the user to capture data offline and submit when reconnected to cellular/wifi coverage.



Automatically tag the location of data collected in the field and easily keep track of locations by integrating with Google Maps.


Mobile Image Capture

Images can be taken in the field or selected from the gallery.


Time and Date Stamp

The app registers the time/date of both collection and upload, in case of communication issues in the field.


Automated Alerts

Select groups of individuals can receive text or email notifications as data is collected.



Images can be sent directly to Google Drive, Box or Dropbox accounts.