Centralized Tracking Interface

POP Tracker was developed to serve the OOH Advertiser and insure that no link in the marketing supply chain is broken. POP Tracker is dedicated to ensuring that OOH campaigns are efficiently delivered on-time.

POPT Features:

- 3rd party certification of POP
- Enhanced OOH accountability
- Early identification of campaign issues
- Reduced costly “make-goods"
- Centralization and transparency
- Improved media agency efficiency


Cloud-Based Application

Global access to content via responsive platform (desktop, tablet, mobile)


Secured Data

POPT supports a role-based security model that enables system administrators to implement customized access to users



POP Tracker offers 3 levels of support:

  • Online Support
  • Standard Phone Support
  • Premium On-Site Support

POP Tracker is a responsive, cloud-based platform built to centralize proof of performance data. The platform uses dates, times, GPS coordinates and images to help clients understand and validate the performance of any campaign or project. The integration of our mobile app, as well as API and FTP connections, insure real-time data is delivered regardless of the source. On demand reports and filtered content views highlight problems in the supply chain and facilitate swift resolution.


Feature Rich Platform




Custom PDF Proof of Posting Reports


Client Dashboard with Summary Data Views


Quick View Icons with Multiple Image Support


Inline Grid Editing Capabilities


Data Archiving


Bulk Updating



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